Coonan Kurisu (Bent Cross)Palli (Church) or Holy Cross church - is a place of historical importance and faith for the believers. A shrine sandwiched between row of shops in the busiest street of Mattancherry, Kochi( My home town) Kerala.


When St. Thomas, disciple of Jesus Christ landed in Kerala in A.D 52, he could convert a good number of local inhabitants to Christianity. He also established 7 churches in Kerala.

WThe present Christian population claims its descent from this early origin.They are known as Syrian Christains in view of the Syrian liturgy used in church services since the early days of Christanity in India. They are popularly known as Nazranis(followers of Jesus of Nazerene). Christanity thrived in Kerala because of the benevolence and tolerance of the Travancore rulers. When Portuguese arrived they were successful and eager to bring the Christians under the church of Rome. But when their power declined, the hold of Roman Catholic church also weakened.

After that about 25,000 Syrian Christians reaffirmed their allegiance to the Syrian orthodox tradition in front of an improvised cross at Mattancherry known as Coonan Kurisu satyam (oath)